During this very challenging time of self-quarantine, all of our Childbirth Educators are willing and able to teach via online options. Please contact our instructors with questions and concerns and to schedule classes. 

Do You Want To…?

  • Have the healthiest baby possible?
  • Take the fear out of childbirth?
  • Minimize your risk of having a c-section?
  • Prepare your labor coach to assist your birthing with loving confidence?
  • Work with your healthcare provider to make decisions about your birth?
  • Avoid unnecessary risks associated with common labor interventions?
  • Have a positive birth experience?
  • The Bradley Method® of Childbirth is the most complete and comprehensive series of childbirth classes available. Bradley® classes cover it all: nutrition, exercise, being more comfortable during pregnancy, the coach’s role, introductory information about labor and birth, advanced techniques for labor and birth, complications, cesarean sections, postpartum care, breastfeeding and caring for your new baby. Classes include a student workbook, additional reading material and lots of personal attention. Many classes are video enriched and relaxation techniques will be practiced in every class.
  • In a country where many women have grown up fearing the labor process and listening to birth stories that aren’t always positive, pregnant women need an up-to-date, positive and supportive kind of education that teaches them to make informed choices with the help of those around them.

If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any.

testimonial photo“I am overwhelmed with gratitude for everything we learned in the Bradley Classes. Matthew and I were able to have our son completely naturally after being told by our first doctor that he would have to be delivered via c section at 35 weeks. Our Bradley instructor helped us find a wonderful midwife at 35 weeks. Our son’s birth was more beautiful than I have words to express. It saddens me that so many of my friends do not get to experience what we did. I recommend the class to everyone I know that is pregnant or thinking about having a baby. Most people think I’m crazy for choosing to have my baby naturally and that’s ok because honestly I think they’re crazy for scheduling c sections. I have recently heard from several close friends who did not take a birthing class because they said they trusted their doctors. There is a huge similarity between their stories. They all start the same way with one intervention leading to another and end the same way, with a c section. I can’t help but think “wow, that could have been me”. I am very thankful for the excellent education that lead to a smooth delivery and the opportunity to give my son the best start I could have ever wanted. Going to class once a week at the end of my pregnancy was admittedly not my favorite thing to do at the time. At the time I couldn’t have known how important those evenings would be.”-The Trevino Family
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