Valerie Felder

My most rewarding experience as a Bradley® instructor began with my first classes in 1992. More of my own births followed, through which I gained invaluable first-hand wisdom with successful natural, emergency and attended home births – all employing savvy only available through this method. I was also a breastfeeding coach for 20+ years, further enhancing my ability to assist couples to continue their successful journeying, even in years beyond their actual birth days. My travels and teachings within the U.S. and abroad have enabled me to understand birthing beyond the routine and as viewed through cross-cultural lenses.

Additionally, I am a mother of 9, founder of my own parent coaching business – The Close-Knit Family (, as I now also extend my services beyond the childbirth classroom. I help couples transform into families that continue to joyfully raise their precious babies with loving confidence and wonderful results – even into adulthood. An adjunct professor, speaker-bureau-endorsed professional speaker, and personal trainer, my joy is that my path continues to cross those of many of my couples, worldwide. I believe there is nothing more enriching than encouraging couples begin their journeys to and then into parenthood.

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Cape Town, South Africa